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05-09-2006, 06:05 PM
Figured it wouldnt hurt to throw these up here.

1. Psychology Themes and Variations by Wayne Weiten. 6th edition used shape. No highlights or any of that stuff. $30 shipped

2. Discovering Arguments by Dean Memering and William Palmer: An Introduction to Critical thinking and Writing with Readings. Ill throw in a book caled Research for a Digital Age that they made me buy for the class yet we never used.....$35 shipped

3. A Graphical Approach to Precalculous with Limits: Third edition
by Hornsby. $40 shipped

4. Accounting 21e by Carl S. Warren, James M. Reeve, and Philip E. Fess. I bought the pages(thats how my school sold it, with no cover just 3 hole punched pages, why I dont know) new and never used them. They have been in a 3 ring binder since I got them. Some of the pages have been roughed up a little but they are all there and there is no writing or marks of any kind. $55 shipped
Work book for it also brand new and never used $30 shipped

5. The Humanistic Tradition by Gloria K. Fiero 4th edition. Bought it used and never used it. Its in good shape. $20 shipped

6. Essentials of Public Speaking by Cheryl Hamilton Third edition hardly used and in good condition. $20 shipped

7. Biology Concepts and Connections by Neil A. Campbell, Jane B Reece, Martha R. Taylor, and Eric J. Simon 5th edition. Great shape. $50 shipped

Ill consider offers. Im just tired of tripping over this stuff...