View Full Version : Rounded off exhaust manifold bolts - help

05-22-2006, 10:13 PM
This isnt on my T/A, but im sure some of you have had the same problem.

Im trying to remove the Y-pipe from my 98 blazer, and while trying to unbolt the Y from the manifolds, two of the nuts rounded off.

Now if it would have broken off the stud i could have atleast gotten the Y-pipe out. I have no clue what to do from here, access is very limited.

Anyone got any good ideas?

05-22-2006, 11:06 PM
not much u can do...alligator grips or cut them

05-22-2006, 11:08 PM
Cut the nuts off, or soak with pb blaster, then hammer the next size smaller socket on the nut, and twist

05-23-2006, 06:02 AM
also if your not near any fuel lines, i have used a torch and vise grips but if your space is limited i guess that wouldnt work.. i just had to hacksaw off a bolt on my 84 camaro's y pipe it was double nutted on the bottom , the bolt jiggled around but wouldnt come undone and i didnt have any help availible to hold the top wrench so i just hacksawed it off, took along time but if you got a fresh blade it shouldnt be bad, just go slow when you get close to the end so you dont cut your y pipe too.

05-23-2006, 07:22 AM
a friend of mine as the easy bolt-out bits, that generally accept an 1/8" range of diameters, one might be 1/2-5/8", for example. They're like an external easy-out...when you twist left they dig into the bolt. I bet they'd be ideal for manifold bolts. Here's a Sears listing for clarification.

05-24-2006, 09:50 AM
Bolt-outs and bolt removers are your friend. But, if all else fails, there's not much a sawzall can't cut through!