View Full Version : H/C Z28 vs 2 bikes.......sorry no vid

05-29-2006, 03:17 PM
So I was on my way home from G10.
2am or something like that.
Long boring ride down 75th with little trafffic.

I catch a red light and here come 2 nice sport bikes at the adjacent street. They could have easily made thier right turn in front of me, but they waited till I got a green.

As I pull out rather loudly, they make there turn and ride my butt for a minute then proceed to just blow by and get in front of me.

Oh, its on now.

I drop it to 2nd and pull up next to them at around 45 and ride 2nd for a while to let them know, "it ain't stock" ;)

We catch a red but they dont want a dig for some reason.
So we get moving, I wait in 2nd when till it seems they get on it then I nail it hard. I pull a little with them both stuck barely visable in my side mirror. Go thru all of 2nd-4th and let off because there is down hill approaching w/a curve and I am on skinnies :eek2:

At the light we talk:
What the fuck you got in that thing?

A big ol cam, heads and full bolt on.

it moves like a mother

Did you guys really get on it, thats my 1st bike run and I wondered how I really did?

One guy says I was on it hard (I think he was on a 600 or 750) The other guy says "nah, I was barely in it :rolleyes: I think he may have been somewhat telling the truth as it looked a little bigger than the other bike 1000cc?
Still, lil too cocky for me as neither of them ever got by me.

So I say, well good run and think to myself, "thier lucky my 200 shot is not finished yet, maybe next time I will catch ya and have it finished :D

We gave a thumbs up as they prepared for a right, I heard one guy say,

That thing was loud as FUCK, could'nt even hear my engine to shift


Thanx for reading. Thats my 1st real race while getting it back for a week.
has to go back in tommorow to finish the N2O.

05-29-2006, 03:25 PM
Sounds like ya had good time buddy & hopefully to see some races after 200shot goes in :devil:


05-29-2006, 03:35 PM
I am drooling at the thought of the 200 shot