View Full Version : Optimum Operating Temp??

06-03-2006, 01:15 PM
I have a TBSS with the LS2 in it and am wondering if any of you guys found the best operating temp range in any of your LS motors? there's alot of debate on other forums and I figure it's best to get an opinion form you guys since you've had these engines for years and know their tendncies better than most of the TBSS owners, who are guessing at this..would using a 160* stat and having a custom PCM tune be the way to get the most out of it? or will it be such a minimal gain it won't be worth the hassle? is the LS2 running best at or near the factory stat, or would it make more HP with a lower op temp? my truck feels sluggish when it's warm out, much more than any HP vehicle I have owned in the past, and seeing some guys runnin mid-high 14's in the heat just backs up my theory of the hotter the slower X10 in these trucks.. I know the IAT sensor hurts as well, would I be better off changing or modding that along with a 160 stat & PCM tune?? thanks for any input..