View Full Version : my 04 crew cab Z71 killed a 04 ion redline

06-18-2006, 09:59 PM
Was driving around getting parts for the camaro in my 04 crew cab z71 (5817lbs, 295 fwhp/330 fwtq *at SEA LEVEL, we're at 6k feet* 5.3, 4.10's, k&n, w/ two of my buddies and myself raced my buddy's 04 Ion Redline ( CAI, MAF translator, pulley, injectors, exhaust, dyno proven 241 Front whp, 229 Front wtq - when running on all 4 cylinders) w/ 1 passenger :

From a 30ish roll - I pulled til he was at my back bumper - could hear his supercharger (removed his silencer so it basically sounds like a farkin cobra)
but wasn't sure if he was gettin on it at all. I'm like - wtf ??? I know his cars pretty fookin quick (seen him beat a 97ish modded cobra)
Got up to a light and was laughin at him....light turns green we both go - his headlights are at my passenger door - hear his supercharger whining, then a slight and quick boom-boom-boom - (like when a cars runnin really rich) and I win :jest:
He gets home, find out he was basically running on 3 cylinders (like a metro) as one of his plugs is really fouled out.
(just thought this was funny)
I won't be racing him again least in my Z71

RUSSELL - I WIN AND I QUIT!!!!!!!!! :jest: lol lol