View Full Version : Going to buy a big box, do I need a double bank or triple?

06-19-2006, 07:25 PM
I get about a 45% discount on Snap On and am trying to decide between a KRL1022 and a KRL 1032.

Right now, I've got a 40" Husky roll cab that is 95% full and a Matco 33" Roll Cart (4 drawers and 2 storage areas) that is FULL.

I'm a helicopter mechanic and have only been employed for two months, so I'll probably be buying more tools over the next year or so.(Lots of sheet metal tools already, but still buying normal mechanicing tools). Also, my ONLY work area is on TOP of my box.

I'm leaning toward the 1032 because work space is at a premium, but would the 1022 fit all of my tools now and leave me some room to grow?

Edit: I know the KRL 1032 isn't a triple bank, but it's the same size and imho, a better design for my needs.

Cody Brooks
06-19-2006, 07:45 PM
krl1023 (similar to the 1022) is what i have you better be over 6 foot tall to use the top of in for a work space same with most of the others in the krl series the top is about 46 inches high with the stainless steel top on it.