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06-20-2006, 01:54 AM
Im hoping to join the 10sec club once i get a set of heads. Right now my car has gone a best of 11.3@115 with stock 98 heads. If i had a GOOD engine shop port my stock ls1 good would they be compaired to some of the ones on the market???
btw i have a 98 camaro A4. (g5x2 cam, headers, lid, ported t/b, ls6 intake, 4400 stall, stage 2 trans, 3.42, posi, slicks/skinnis, drag springs, 12-way shocks, dyno tune (ls1 speed), and supporting mods for cam).. this is marks old car.

would a set of ported heads put me in the 10's?

also this is my daily driver.

On my first time in the track with this car i managed an 11.7@114 in 100* weather with a da of 3500. race weight was 3425 with half thank of gas and me in the car.