View Full Version : new choice of 10" sub for effecient tight bass

06-29-2006, 09:06 AM
replacing the RF punch2 / this inifinty to reduce the boom effect, hopping I'll have enought amp to power this sub it's rated at 75-350rms my amp is rated at 250rms but RF way under rate, on the paper amp came / claims 287rms, so I'm thinking it will a close match for the new sub. or will amp need upgrading to the 350rms rating? I don't want it to loud.'KAPPA+PERFECT10VQ'&Ser=KPE&Cat=SUB

choosing this sub because
effecient, .6 cubic enclosuer (works well in small enclosur)

There is only one dissadvantage wiegth is 22Lbs. is wieght a right indication of being better in sub world.