View Full Version : How to tell if motor mounts are bad?

07-25-2006, 08:55 PM
Ok so i get this funky kinda vibration/clunking going on whenever im in first gear and a little in second, and sometimes a hair in third. Mostly seems to be when there is a lot of weight be transfered. I replaced my trans mount and torque arm mount with ES ones and that really didnt fix anything. I think it might be the motor mounts but I'm not sure. When in neutral you can see the shifter rock to the left with the engine alot (if had to guess prolly around a 1/2-1" of movement). never really noticed that before but that could be explained by motor mounts I guess. I have plenty of clearence in the exhaust and it sounds like a rubber noise more than a metal noise if you know what I'm saying. Any help on what the heck is causing the noise would be appriciated.