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07-27-2006, 06:23 PM
my friend has a 93 formula (yea the lt1) and his tranny is doin some wierd stuff...he put a shift kit in and had to replace the rear and now it wont drive in overdrive unless hes shifting while driving...and if he punches it in drive it goes to down shift it revs but doesnt accelerate and if hes at a stop and puts it in overdrive it not too sure how hes describing it but he says that when the rearend was breaking....all the gears were screwed except for the ring and pinion but it would make loud clank noises like a locker but louder and he thinks that could have screwed with the tranny...he isnt very experienced with these parts yet and im typing while on the phone with him but im trying to understand what hes describing and from what he said he thinks when the rearend went it screwed with the tranny and now he has a replaced rear but a shit tranny....can anyone relate to this or shed some light on possible problems/solutions? thanks

Predator T/A
07-27-2006, 06:59 PM
sounds to me like its time for a rebuild sounds like its lost 2nd and 4th could be the band if the reartend was bad and it was causing alot of stress on the tranny it could have burned it up sound like it is using the overun clutches th run the forward gears when he has it in manual and then when he shifts into D the overun clutches go off and then nothing.....could be the forward sprag, forward clutches but yeah its time to take it out .......pull the pan off and see how much crap is in the pan.....just to clarify in manual the overun clutches 2 of them come on to asisst the forward clutches and give more holding power becuase if you are in manual the tranny thinks it is under high load and needs more holding power.....In OD the overun clutches go off these clutches would run the car if the forward clutchers were bad...but when they go off in 4th then it has nothing

07-27-2006, 10:32 PM
very interesting...sounds like im pulling apart an auto tranny soon...i never got to see the insides of that yet