View Full Version : Times for my New Car with new combo

07-31-2006, 12:15 PM
am very pleased to report that my 2000 Formula after alot of problems ran some very good times for the first time out since I have owned. I picked the car up from Simple Quick Racing sat night & went straight to Cedar Creek & ran a string of 7.8s & my best being a 7.70. The car has a Yank 4400 Converter with a Comp Cam with Longtubes & 3inch X-Pipe dumped in to bullets. This was all done on motor with my heavy ass 17 inch Torqe Thrust II rims on ET Streets running 275 inch tires up front. Still running AC too

I think I can get the car down to some 7.4s on motor & maybe crack in to the 6s on the juice

Big Thanks to Simple Quick Racing & all the guys who made this happen Daniel, Scott, Billy. This shop stood behind their work even after a broke trans & the gremlins. If you want a shop that will stand behind their work SQR is the shop for you.

1.703 60ft
7.7 @89 BEST Pass

1.789 60ft
7.8 @89

I had a bunch more but they where all 7.8s & a couple of 8.0s & 8.1s from learning how to launch the car