View Full Version : Alpine or kicker or what for a single cab truck?

Brandon Boomhauer
05-20-2002, 10:58 PM
I have been looking into different subs for my truck (single cab short bed).

I have an alpine 7893 hu also. I at first wanted to go with a kicker l7 10 in the kicker truck box, but i think the L5 will do. But i got the new crutchfield with alpine subs speakers amps etc in it and thuoght about running all alpine stuff. I am thinking along the lines of the typeR (damn it sounds ricey) 10 with a 300watt mono amp since it only holds 300 rms..
I have heard the alpines dont hit very hard or sound good. I want it to sound good. I also thought about replaceing the 6.5 and tweater up front with a set of alpine or kicker components too (would it be ok to run off of the HU or would i HAVE to get a different amp?)
Would 1 10 sound good or should i go with 2? I had planed on saving the room behind the other seat for a nitrous bottle but dont know about that. Any advice you could give on what to stay away from what lasts longer sounds better etc would be greatly appreciated. i'm open to any type really not just kicker or alpine.

05-20-2002, 11:40 PM
If your trying to stuff it behind a seat on a std cab truck the solo baric is the better choice. The question is how many do you want because that is going to determan the type of voice coil you need (in ohm's).

My advise is buy one as you can always expand and buy the second if your not happy. However that is going to cause some issues as well if your not happy. When you add a second speaker it is going to change the impedance that the speakers are run in and no longer match the rest of your system. Only you know how hard you want it to hit. If your just looking for something to bring out the bottom end some becuase you can't hear the base lines go with one. If you want to be heard, go with 2.

I think running the components off the head unit should be fine. Just set the x-overs so your not pushing a ton of low bass through them. Hope that helps.

05-22-2002, 01:29 AM
Like you said, the Alpines do not hit very hard or sound very good. I would go with the L7. I have two 12's in my trans am and love them! They love power and if in the right box, sound great too.

05-22-2002, 02:34 PM
Check out a company called Alumapro! They make woofers that sound killer in a small box, the solobarics are a much better choice over the alpine, the alpine amps are usually pretty clean but wont carry much balls to your bottom end. I used to have a 93 chevy truck with four aluma pro 10's behind the seat no cut cab, and they absolutely wailed. before you buy two of anything be sure to consider the added cost not only of the woofer but the amp to run it too.

Brandon Boomhauer
05-23-2002, 12:22 AM
so should i go L7s or L5s? i like the l5s for price but if they suck horribly ill go l7s
what amp
i willg et 1 at first in the kicker truck box
then the second later
should i run a kicker amp also?
what size amp etc
should i get 1 or 2 amps or what
and will i need to buy the power wires etc also or will that come with it
this is my first system and would appreciate any help
thanks for the info on the alpines
i also heard the l5/l7s take a while to break in true? or not?

05-23-2002, 02:18 AM
I'm not a Kicker pro (never had any) but typically the more you spend on a woofer the better they can do in a small box. The L7 would probably be better.I have a dealers license for car stereo products, all brand new! With full factory warranties, I don't want to give you a sales pitch so I'll stop there but seeing as we are both truck guys and ls1tech-heads I'll get you a super deal on any MTX,PIONEER,COUSTIC products you want! The wiring won't come with the amp you will need to buy some. Oh one more thing consider building a box or having one built. I don't know the specs on the one you want but remember bigger (more airspace) is always better sometimes getting one custom for your application could mean max airspace. Hope this helps.

05-23-2002, 02:19 AM
MTX 8000 series subs are super too!

Brandon Boomhauer
05-24-2002, 12:15 AM
ok rphinney
throw me some #s
1 10 with an amp at nearly max rms rating (whatever i can run at it or whatever i should do)
should i go 2 channel on the amp or mono
and just get another amp when i get the 2nd sub?
would like to have the box fit behind the seat with the middle console area empty so i can put stuff there...
im really open to what i should run as long as i get good stuff that lasts a while
the kicker l7 in a truck box runs right in the middle of its recommended sealed space i believe
and the 600.1 amp would be good ithink
once again any advice would be appreciated.

05-24-2002, 01:59 AM
OK bud here's what you do. 1 MTX Thunder 8000 10 behind the seat, use the 6500D amp (this is rated at 500 watts rms but will destroy that number in real world use!)It is a mono amp, it will read the same ohm reading all the time 1,2 or 8 subs so if you upgrade no problem! If you plan on running mids and highs off an amp too(make me proud and go for the gold bud) you could use a 4-channel amp to power everything, such as the MTX 6304. This configuration would use the front 2-channels to run the highs while bridging the back 2-channels to drive your sub.

Brandon Boomhauer
05-25-2002, 01:34 AM
so how much for the sub and amp?

Brandon Boomhauer
05-29-2002, 12:36 PM
Ok I'm thinking Rockford HX2 Punch 10
in the qlogic box (probably build my own at the same demensions)
with a 500s amp.
that way i run 4ohm at 500 to the sub
does this sound like a pretty good set up?
could i fit a 12 back there or would there be much difference in the depth?
also what all should i do for wiring? the RF 500+rms 4 guage stuff with one of them capacitor things - i heard they help.