View Full Version : Massive Electrical Failure!

06-08-2002, 12:04 PM
I went to Roger's Cheverolet in Bowie, MD to get my Stock Radio un-theft-locked. They did it, and the car was fine. Next day, at about 3 or so in the afternoon, I tried to use my turn signal, didn't work, for either side. It was working only SECONDS before I tried to use it that time. Later that evening, some friends of mine noticed that my tail lights were not on at all. The headlights were on, but no tail lights. When I hit the brake, the third light illuminates, but not the others. The dimmer on the radio randomly goes from day to night dim every few seconds in no decernable pattern I could see. When the car is off and the brake is hit, the "ding ding ding" comes on as if the lights were still on, though they are not, and in addition to this, the gauges light up at their lowest level, until the brake is released, then it won't do that. This morning I checked all the appropriate fuses, dimmer, stop/tail lights, etc. No blown fuses at all. I am quite puzzeled. I think I might check behind the radio to see if there is a loose connection behind there that they might have done when fixing it. Hopefully someone on this board knows what is wrong. PLEASE HELP!!!


06-10-2002, 08:28 AM
I would start around the battery connections.Make sure the grounds are good.Then check the power post on the driver side engine bay for tightness and possible cracking.