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09-13-2006, 10:48 AM
To make the long story short, I was driving to my girlfriends house. Got there...shut the car off, went inside for about 3 hours, came out and started started cutting cylinders like a mfer. I replaced 02 sensors, I had 1 bad injector I thought for sure replacing it would fix it. I put in my new 64#'s...still same problem although it is running smoother.

It is miss-firing in cylinders 5-6 and a very very very small missfire in 4 I think thats just from 5-6 though. On the third coil pack back on the driver side if I unplug it the car runs the same, it is sparking but the car does not stumble like it does if I unplug any other wire from the coil. I switched coil packs to see if that was the problem and the coil pack I switched in there does the same thing but when I switch it back out it runs perfect again in its original location. What Im trying to say is no matter what coil pack I switch into that spot it does the same thing, sparks but doesnt affect the motor when unplugged.

Any Ideas Im really stumped. Did a compression check and got well over 180 so I highly doubt its anything internal. Ive replaced the spark plugs twice so its not that, all wires appear fine.