View Full Version : 1994 Z28 A4 for sale in South Jersey $3350

09-19-2006, 10:25 AM
Up for sale is my 1994 Camaro Z28. I have spent alot of money over the last couple of months to get this car in great running condition with tons of new parts. New Mystic Teal Met. paint that is only about 1 year old. 116,xxx miles on the odomoter. Motor is good,great oil pressure no weird noises or vibrations.Also stars right up no sluggish starts! Tranny is strong no sluggish shifts. As you can see from the pics the car is super clean! Interior and exterior. No rips of any sort in the interior. The car does have 2 snow tires and it has the stock Salad shooters. The car has tons of new parts.let me get into the new parts this car has

New GM Optispark Ordered from Summit **less than 300 miles**
New Waterpump **Less than 300 miles**
New Ignition Control Module **less than 300 miles**
New Coil **less than 300 miles**
New Plugs- autolite-Jegs 8mm wires **less than 300 miles**
New Starter **less than 300 miles**
New MAF Harness **Less than 300 miles**

The car is basically stock the mods are as follows

Custom made Cold Air Intake w/K&N filter
tranny cooler
clear corners
Pioneer CD player w/new speakers and tweeters powered by a amp.

The only things this car needs is

passenger side window switch or maybe just needs to be reconnected because the window does roll down with the driver side button

New O2 sensors and new Cat convertor because the car did fail NJ emmisions and its understandable because the o2 sensors and the cat are almost 13 years old!

I just drove the car 200 miles this week with no problems whatsoever!

I would like $3350 for the Z28. The only reason Im selling is I want to add another LS1 to my driveway. Please E-mail Thanks ( ( ( ( (

09-24-2006, 09:38 AM
$3100 must sell