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12-02-2006, 05:35 PM
My 1998 Trans am was my 2nd TA.
My 1st TA was my 1st choice in Color and i loved it.
That was back when i was into more show then go...
She is Gone now :bang:

My 2nd TA and current car started out like everyone TA. STOCK
It was May of 2003.
My Brother Rob Found it for me in Kansas after i totaled my 1st TA.
Picked the car up with 26,xxx miles. Her only Mods were an MTI Lid and Edelbrock STB.

The 1st day started modding it.
A Hooker catback was waiting for me at my Bro's house.

After returning to TX, i started installing more parts that had arrived at my House.

Eibach Prokit.

A few days later the Bulk of my order i had been waiting weeks on arrived.
Comp Cams 212/218 camshaft, Comp 918 valvesprings, Comp pushrods, Jet-Hot Long Tube Header's, Hooker Off Road Y-pipe, TCI Super Street Fighter 3500 Stall Converter, Trans-go Tranny Cooler, and Nitto 245/50/16 Drag Radials.
The parts sat for a few weeks while i waited for my few days off from work to do the install and to drive to Houston to get the car tuned at MTI.
It was June 23rd.
The car dynoed 323 rwhp and 366 rwtq in 88 degree heat.... i was kinda bumbed on the HP, but the car drove one hell of alot better.

AUG 22 2003
Time for my 1st time at the track in the car.
Drove the car 90 miles each way to Edinburg, TX
1st pass. Foot Braking
1.842 60'
8.271 @ 83.695MPH 1/8
12.943 @ 106.032 1/4

Man was i stoked.... 1st pass and a 12 sec pass...
2nd Pass flashing Converter
1.747 60'
8.137 @ 83.959MPH 1/8
12.801 @ 106.118 1/4

3 more passes that night between 12.9-13.1 I was happy, but time to go faster.

12-05-2006, 04:44 PM
Man what a day...... I had never seen so many parts arrive on the same day...
ATI Procharger D1-SC 6 rib setup 4.10" Blower pulley.
iForged Aero's 18X9 Fronts and 18X10 Rears fully Polished.

Time to install them.

12-17-2006, 04:32 PM
iForged Aero's Installed
265/35/18's Tires up front and 295/35/18's Out back

It was Now time to make the trip back to MTI to get the car tuned for the new found Boost from the ATI Procharger and the 42# Injectors.

SEP 2nd 2003
Arrived at MTI after being delaying for almost an HR in a horrible rain storm.
None the less i was ready to see what kind of Boost/Power the car was making.
After a few quick key stroked Jason had the car running in tip top shape. Time for some Dyno Pulls.
4 psi was all that we saw. :cry:
The car dynoed 377.7 rwhp and 416.8 rwtq.
After a quick call to ATI it was disclosed the pulley they sent (4.10") was sapposed to make 8-9 psi on a bone stock motor.
After arriving back home i quickley ordered a 3.7" Blower pulley and began to get ready to go to the track.

12-17-2006, 04:59 PM
My 1st Time at the strip with the Blower.
It was a friday. OCT 24th 2003
My Friends and i arrived at San Antonio Raceway a little before 7pm.
At 708pm i was staged and ready to make my 1st pass.
It was against a BIG single Turboed Mustang.
Needless to say he won :jest: By almost 3 1/2 sec.
1st pass.
1.808 60'
7.49 @ 92.46 1/8
11.57 @ 121.79 1/4

Man was i happy even though i had just lost to a mid 8 sec. Mustang LOL
2nd pass
1.8006 60'
7.49 @ 91.89 1/8
11.59 @ 121.13 1/4

3rd Pass and Fastest of the Night
1.8264 60'
7.494 @ 96.82 1/8
11.512 @ 123.09 1/4
I was told to slow down or go Home because i didnt have a 5 point rollbar installed in the car.
I didnt want to pack up and go home so i slowed down.
I ran 2 more mid 11 sec passes that night and on the final pass i blew out the valve cover gasket on the pass. side and oiled down the top of the track.
Here is a lil vid my buddy put togeather from that night...
The music sucks though.... i think he just hit a Mix button :jest:
That was 11 psi on a stock Bottom end.
18" iForged wheels up front and 245/50/16 Nitto Drag radials out back.'s/Track.bmp
Right click save as$TY-TA.mpg

After that the car started to do the Ol smoke out of the Oil fill cap.
Until one night she decided it was time to go..... and man did she...
She was a lil lean up top...

4 of the 8 pistons had chunks missing but that is not what finally stopped the motor.
She blew a hole out the side of the motor between the heand and block.

Time for a Forged Short Block.

12-17-2006, 05:35 PM
Since i needed a new Motor and a new Block i decided to go with an Iron Block.

I placed my Order for a Iron 370ci Motor from AP Engineering.
Diamond -15cc dish Pistons
Eagle H-beam Rods
Stock Crank
ARP Heads Studs, Main Studs and L-19 Rod Bolts.
Comp XER 230/236 .592/.602 114+4 Blower cam
Ported LS6 Oil Pump
Roomaster Timing chain.

The motor was brought to me at the 1st LS1 Tech Spring Break Shoot-out in San Antonio in April of 2004.
The Motor was installed in my garage by myself.

Motor in place with GM MLS gaskets and ARP 12 Point Head Studs.

I ordered a set of 6.0L 317 casting Heads from patriot performance with 2.02/1.57 valves, 72cc Chambers and patriot Gold valvesprings.

With the help of Nate @ Nasty Performance my new Fuel System would be up to task with my new found Cubic Inches and more boost.

Motron 60# Injectors

The new Motor was Broke in and it was time to re-install the Blower.
After the Blower was installed the car was trailered to MTI to be retuned.

After arriving at MTI it was found on the 1st atempted pull that the Car didnt have a MAF reading and the stock MAF was fried.
After replacing it the car had a Horrible belt alignment problem and was eating the Belt that fed the supercharger.
After 2 hrs in the parking lot at MTI with my Buddy's help we were able to fix the belt problem.
The car went back on the rollers were Jason began to Tune once again.
Half way thru the 1st pull Jason stopped the car and told me to come forward.
The low oil pressure light had come on. The car had below 5 psi of oil pressure.
We pushed the car off the dyno and began to push it on the trailer.
I said screw this heavy beast im driving it on. The motors already Hurt.
Once back home i contacted APE and quickley pulled the motor to send it back to them.
6 weeks later my warrantied shortblock arrived.
In it went and the break-in procedure started once again.
At that time i recieved a PM from (Tiffany) Z-Angel and was asked im i wanted to me in the 2005 LS1Tech Calander.
i quickley said YES.

12-17-2006, 05:43 PM
I met up with Mctullis in San Marcus TX for my LS1Tech calender shoot.

The Pic's below are two of the pic's he took of the car.
The 2nd one of the two being the one that was chosen for the calendar.

The iForged wheels that were on the car before were sold to help offset the cost of a new Longblock.
So American racing Torque Thrust II's were chosen with 275/40/17 on 17X9.5's up front and 315/35/17's on 17x11's out back.

12-17-2006, 05:50 PM
It was now time to remedy the Belt slip problem that had been ocuring.
So a Spring Tensioned 8 Rib Setup was ordered from SDCE. As was a new Steel J-bracket for more strength and less bracket flex.

May 28th 2004.
The car now needed to be retuned.
So Back to MTI the car went.
This time with the same 3.7" Blower pulley and a larger 7.25" 8 Rib crank Pulley.
The car saw 7 psi with the Built 370 and made
489.5rwhp and 502rwtq.

Back to Edinburg, TX for a few more passes at the strip.
Jul 3oth 2004
I went down with a couple friends mostly just to watch since i drove the 90 miles down in the car. No Trailer.
I made one pass and i new there was more in it.

After getting back home i was reading a fellow Buddy of mine on here's thread (FRCEFED98) about swapping to a bigger FMIC and ditching the small stick Intercoolers that came with the kit from ATI.
So i began to gather parts for the FMIC Install.

12-17-2006, 07:03 PM
Parts began to come in for the FMIC install.

After all the parts showed up the install began.
I went over to a buddy of mine who had a chop saw and a Mig welder.

The Blower bracket was made out of sguare stock from Home depot.

12-17-2006, 09:51 PM
The new motor was running just fine.... but now i had another problem...
The week link. The 4L60E and the stock 10 Bolt. I was on my 3rd set of gears and the tranny was now slipping at WOT.
Right about that time i recieved a Call From Chris @ AP Engineering aka (Jelly)
At that time he had taken care of my shortblock problem and was still a sponsor in good standings on LS1Tech.
He had offered me a price i couldnt refuse on a custom Turbo kit for my car, so off it went to Detroit.
Before it left i pulled the Blower kit off the car. :cry: and sold it for a very cheap $4200 shipped.

So the car was now in Detroit and Chris @ APE started another one of his Forged shortblock GP's. Amazing prices...... to good to be true...... 30+ orders for shortblocks were taken and none were delivered. :bang:
The shop had been siezed by the local Police and my car was stuck inside. :(
At the time i wanted to do an 88mm Turbo Build-up with a T56.
When my car was finally released from APE the car was in Horrible shape. It didnt run, my stock A4 was missing. My T56 was sitting in the hatch, my intake was sitting sideways under the hood with water all over it.
It was a mess.
Joe From Stenod Performance came to the rescue. He trailered my car from APE to his shop and started my Current Build.

It was decided that we would go with a Precision GT42-76mm Turbo. It is a T6 Flanged Turbo.
A little over a Month after Stenod received the car i started receiving progress pic's
With in that 1st month i received more updates then i did the whole 6 months my car was at APE.

20APR 2006
Piping had arrived.

Heads back from Livernois

5 JUL 2005
Radiator Support Cut and moved Forward.
AJE Tubular K-Member and A-Arms installed.

19 JUL 2005
Turbo Placement was decided.

1 AUG 2005
Both Headers are finished.

12-18-2006, 05:44 PM
4 AUG 2005
24 update Pic's

17 AUG 2005
4" Downpipe thru the K-member.

12-18-2006, 05:56 PM
8 SEP 2005
My motor was pulled so under the hood could be repainted.
While under the hood was being painted all the hot-parts were at the coaters getting coated.
I was asked.... since i had, had problems before with a motor from APE if i wanted to have Stenod pull the pan and just take a look.
This motor had almost 2500 miles on it.

Man was i bumbed..... 2 motors????
Since i was so Bumbed Stenod sent me these pic;s to try and cheer me up...

The choice was made to have a local Shop in Detroit do the rebuild.
They are not a sponsor on here so ill keep it at that. They do awsome work... the same people who did Harlans and kevin @ Stenod's Motor.

7 OCT 2005
Hot-parts back on the car :devil:

The interior of the car was gutted for my Custom 10 Point Cage.

12-19-2006, 11:35 PM
19OCT 2005
Stenod Performance Custom 10 Point Cage.
I wanted something different..... and thats what i got LOL :jest:

Nov 25th 2005
I flew to Detriot the day after Thanksgiving to see the progress on the car and hang out with Stenod, Derty, Harlan, and Kevin.
These are some of the pic's i took while i was there.....

Cage Done

Griffin radiator and SPAL 16" fan


Notched Frame

GMPP Carbed Intake drilled for Injectors

Precision Turbo 120 degree elbow and Accufab 90mmTB

12-20-2006, 12:45 PM
9 DEC 2005
Fuel system going in.

FMIC Mounted

Motor in for the final time.

Rossler Powerglide

12-21-2006, 12:36 AM
10 Jan 2006

4" all the way back.

10 Feb 2006

12-21-2006, 12:41 AM
8-9 Mar 2006
Stenod was sending me randon close up pic's of the car..... it was almost complete and he was teasing me.... :(

13 Mar 2006



12-21-2006, 01:03 AM
23 Jun 2006
The car is tuned and ready for some 1/4 passes.
Man 4 try's in a row and we got rained out.....
Not this time.


The 1st Outing at the Track.
Learning the car and How it responds..

1st pass. 14 psi of Boost
Lazy 1.75 60'
7.4 @ 93.50 1/8
11.55 @ 120.6 1/4

2nd Pass
Car was lazy off the line and wouldnt make any Boost.
Compressor wheel had hit the Housing.

Well thats it for that Track Outing.

13 Jul 2006
Stenod Took Awsome care of me and so did Precision and another GT42-76mm turbo was back on the car and she was ready to hit the track again.

12-21-2006, 01:25 AM
18 Jul 2006


15 psi of boost.
10.80@126 mph.
Even adjusted more the car would not make more then 15 psi of Boost.
After some testing it was determined there was a huge amount of back pressure using this 76mm turbo with my 370ci motor.

12-22-2006, 08:52 PM
Some people dont think the above with a 76mm Turbo is true.....
but this below proves it.......

23 JUL 2006

My shake down Passes

S88 88mm Turbo was put in place of the GT42-76.
14 psi of Boost

1.474 60'
6.47 @ 107.89 1/8
10.07 @ 135.55 1/4

1 psi less boost then the GT42-76 passes and ran .7 tenths quicker @ 9 mph faster..... :devil:

2nd pass.... in the vid... it was the last pass..
tried 22 psi and spun the tires....

3rd pass... really 2nd pass of the day.

1.45 60'
6.055 @ 120.97 1/8
9.263 @ 150.50 1/4

Out of gear the last 150 ft.

Pic's from that day.

12-22-2006, 08:57 PM
26 JUL 2006
She's Home in VA.
Coming off the Trailer...

1st day Home

Time for the street wheels and some new Fancy Fabricated valve Covers/ Catch-Can Setup from NA$TY Performance's/PT%20II%20From%20Mike/IMG_1099.jpg

12-22-2006, 10:32 PM
Track Outing @ Richmond Dragway


I made 3 passes at our Track Rental and it started to Rain.

Back on our rain day @ Richmond Dragway.
Man this track is short... no shutdown... :(
This is the same Track Mightey Mouse crashed at.....
So i was on the brakes early on all these runs....
Still won my $$ back from the rental for winning the Quick 8 :devil:

A fellow member on here ritz took these following pic's.... awsome work...

I love these two...... Me vs C6 ZO6

The Vid.......

12-22-2006, 11:16 PM
My S60 Narrowed 3" per side w/ 3.54 rear gears showed up along with my 325/50/15's and 15X10 Weld Prostars w/ 5" BS.'s-1.jpg

More Pic's soon..... :devil:
The Chute still needs to go on.:devil:
Finally the Break Down of my Mods.

Project Sponsors
STENOD Performance

Vehicle year, make, model, mileage
1998 Pontiac Trans Am, 41K miles

Current Modifications List

370 c.i. LS1 built by Best Machine
Stock GM LS1 crank
Eagle H-Beam Rods
Diamond -15cc Dish Pistons
Diamond Pro Select 1.5mm Rings
Coated Piston Skirts
Ported 6.0L Heads Valve Job by Best Machine
Comp Custom Ground Turbo Cam 224/222 .581/.581 114+2
Comp R Lifters
Chromoly Pushrods 7.450
ARP L19 Rod Bolts, ARP Main Studs and Head Studs
GM 6.0L MLS Head Gaskets
Melling High Volume Oil Pump
Rollmaster Roller Timing Chain
GM Peformance Carb Intake
Precision Turbo Throttle Body Elbow 100 degree
90mm Accufab Throttle Body
Griffin Radiator
-20AN Radiator Hose
Relocated Core Support
SPAL 16" Puller Fan 2300cfm

Turbo Kit:
Stenod Performance Custom Single Turbo Kit
Borg Warner S88-88mm Turbo
Stenod Performance Custom 1 " Headers, 2 " Collectors
TurboSmart 48mm Wastegate
ATI Race Bypass Valve
5" Downpipe stepped down to 4"
4" Exhaust w/ 4" Dynomax Bullet dumped before axle
Stenod Performance Custom Air-to-Air Intercooler

Rossler Powerglide
Ross-lock Trans Brake
Neil Chance Converter
Dynotech Chromoly Driveshaft
Strange S60
Strange 35-spline Axles
Strange Spool w/ 3.54 gear

Strange Double Adjustable Front and Rear Shocks
Spohn Adjustable Torque Arm
BMR Adjustable Panhard Rod
BMR Lower Control Arms
BMR Rear Drag Sway Bar
BMR Subframe Connectors
AJE Tubular K-Member
AJE Tubular Lower A-Arms
Stenod Peformance Travel Limiters

Fuel System:
Aeromotive Pro Series Pump
96# Injectors
Billit Rails From Na$ty Performance
Aeromotive Pro Series Regulator
-10AN Feed and -8AN Return
Sumped Stock Tank
Injector Driver Box
Harlan Engineering Two Step Box
Harlan Engineering Shift Light
LM-1 Wideband

Roll Cage:
Stenod Performance Custom 10 point Cage

AeroSpace Drag Brakes Front
Baer Eradispeed Rear Rotors
Street - Weld Prostars 15x3 in Front
Street - Weld Prostars 15x10 w/ MT ET Street Radials 325/50/15's
Track - Weld Aluma Star 15x3 in Front
Track - Weld Aluma Star 15X10 w/ 28x10 Hoosier Slicks

Planned Modifications List
Weld Aluma Star 15x10 Rear. (Pending Weld making Rear Aluma Stars again)
eBoost 2 Electronic Boost Controller
Synister Motorsports Billit Power steering Pulley
Maybe one day BS3
Gear vendor OD Unit
WS6 Hood
Silver Ghost/Flames

Current HP/TQ or Track Results
842 rwhp 706rwtq SAE dynojet 17 psi Boost
9.26 @ 150.58 mph 20 psi Boost

Planned HP/TQ or Track Results
1000+ rwhp
8.99s or lower.

This car is my street/strip toy. It is so streetable i have been putting 200+ miles a week on it for the last 3 months. Rain or shine.
My main goal is to run an 8 sec pass and beat PSJ doing so..... :devil: :jest: J/K John


01-06-2007, 11:34 PM
Strange S60 Rearend Narrowed 3" Per side, 35 Spline Axles, Full Spool, 3.54 rear Gears.
No more running out of gear in the 1/4 now...... :drive:
Weld 15X10 Prostars w/ 5.5" BS
Mickey Thompson 325/50/15 ET Street Radials.
Dropped about 200 rpm's @ 55 MPH.... spinning 2500 @56MPH.
The car feels like it loads faster and boosts faster also.....

Pic's i took Today in my driveway....LOL:jest:

01-25-2007, 08:27 PM
My new wheels showed up.....:devil:

American Racing Pro Series Track Star's
15x4's up front.
15X10's out back with 5" BS
Titanium Centers. 3 piece wheels front and rear.
I didnt like the 1 piece fronts......
Pic of it here...

Now the Pic's.....


Im Lovin them... :devil:

Just waiting for tires...... and the track to open

03-20-2007, 04:02 PM
Finally took the new wheels out of there boxes....
Checking for clearences before i mounted the front tires.....

It will still be a while till i mount the rears....... need tires LOL....


04-06-2007, 05:11 PM
Ready for the Track....

Went to VMP (Virginia Motorsports park) for Test and Tune.
Track started a 6pm but of course we were running behind and didnt arrive till 7pm...
Tracks an Hr and 50 min away.

This was the 1st outing with the new rearend with 3.54 rear gears and my 325/50/15 M/T radials.

1st pass was at almost 9pm....
Like an idiot i forgot to put the trans back in 1st after the burnout... :bang:
13.1@116mph :jest: :jest:

2nd pass
All i was thinking this time was go back to 1st gear after the burnout :jest:
Didnt know where the boost was. ended up being 7-8 psi...
4 psi on the Transbrake with the M/T's at 18 psi netted me a
60' 1.760

3rd pass
Cranked up the Boost God i need an Elec. Boost Controller.
20 psi Boost this pass.
Brought the car up to 10 psi on the Transbrake after sitting there for almost 10 sec. :bang: 2 step set to high
Car launched well but the front end came down to quick and unloaded the rear tires and i spun about a 100 feet out...

60' 1.425 Tires @ 18 psi
1/8 6.939 @ 103.81
1/4 10.560 @ 137.81

4th and last pass.
Brought the car up on the Transbrake and saw 10 psi again...
20 psi boost this pass also.

60' 1.467 Tires @ 18 psi
1/8 6.209 @ 114.42
1/4 9.626 @ 142.76

Im sure with a few tweaks here and there we can reach my goal this YR.
8's on radials....:devil:
Here's the vid of the last 2 passes of the night.

Please right click save as


07-29-2007, 04:01 PM
Since i Hadnt been to the track in a while i did a local car show on the VA Beach Boardwalk.
Had a Blast.
Me and my Buddy Sean were down there at 7am till.....
The RPM Crew came down from Richmond and i met all of the them.
A Pretty cool group.

Here are some of the Pics from the show.... I only took one of mine... the 1st Pic and Amsterdamnation took the rest.

I love this next one he took.....

69vette was there and his car was HOT

As was Mightey Mouse

07-29-2007, 04:08 PM
Well i guess i should update this Build....
Went back to the track after uping the boost a lil on the dyno.....
Made a lil under 1100rwhp....
Decided to take the car to the track the following weekend that just so happened to be Pontiac's in the Park at VMP.
After waiting 4 hrs after we got there for a water delay that kept seeping up thru the track i finally made my 1st pass of the day.
Bogged the car out of the Hole.... 2 psi on the Transbrake...
Netted me this....

60' 1.975
330' 4.522
1/8 6.481 @ 125.99 mph
1000' 8.174
1/4 9.714 @ 137.16

Now right after the 1/8 the car popped a Head gasket and put water into 3 cyl.
Not good.....
Here is the Vid of that pass...

Right click save as..'s%20in%20the%20Park%2019%20May%2007/VMP%2019%20May%2007%20Blown%20Head%20Gaskets.mpg

So just to be sure we pulled the motor from the car.....
Thanks to Both my Buddy's named Sean/Schawn for the help. :jest:

Here's what the gasket looked like when i pulled the heads...

08-04-2007, 08:16 PM
When we pulled the mains and looked at the bearings and the Stock crank we were suprised.... it looks like the stock crank was flexing a lil.....
So since we needed to go with a clean-up hone on the block anyways we thought we would go with a forged Crank as well...

So my new Forged crank showed up...

And Finally so did my new heads....
Warhawk LS1X 15 Aluminum LS1 Heads.
2.080" x 1.600" Valves
235cc intake runners
72cc chambers
Manley Severe Duty Valves
and 1.550" Dual 200# Seat Springs.
Set up for Solid Roller.

Were going to flow them how they came from World..
(in a week or 2)
and then flow them again with some mild porting....

Here are a couple pics i snapped today...

Now we can order Pistons... :devil:

Sent the Turbo Back to Forced Inductions for a few Lil Changes also..:devil:

09-08-2007, 11:49 PM
Ordered some New Pistons from JE and still waiting on them to show up.
Decided it was time to pull the heater out of the car and make some room.
Heater Box wieghed 18.5 LBs....
Pulled the door panels off and took the speakers out of the car......
No need fo rthem any more...
Lost 7lbs per door there too.

I decided to switch from an Air to Air intercooler to an Air to Water Unit.
It will mount behind the dash....
Pics of that to come.

My new Turbo should be here this week....... so when it arrives ill post up some pic's..

09-27-2007, 01:35 PM
Well finally a few more updates.

We can finally start assembly of my new Motor.
My Custom Pistons showed up from JE and were sent off to the coaters.
The skirts and tops are coated.

Also started to mount up my American Racing Pro series TrackStar wheels...
Only had time to do the fronts the other night....

I know..... i need to order the centercaps......

I also now have my A2W intercooler.... PTE1800.

Im also starting on my parachute mount and the complete rear of the car is disassembled.

Ill post up more as i get farther along....