View Full Version : Inerest in a 98 Z28 Roller and drivetrain?

01-06-2007, 02:06 PM
I part cars out on the side and was just going to rebuild the engine and sell it whole. Quite honestly I don't have the time right now trying finish my car and build a shop. I've got too much in this to part-out, but figured someone else might be interested.

98 Black Z28
~100,000 miles
Body and interior in excellent shape, grey leather is excellent.
Leading edge of the hood has some chips, but otherwise just typical dings/scratches for the mileage.
Good title, engine spun a bearing and the previous owner tore it down.
No engine/tranny, exhaust, or engine wiring.

Selling roller for $3000

Engine from the car needs assembly I've got a 2000 short-block with 60,000 miles in place of the old one. Your choice of the 98 heads or 2000 heads. Complete with automatic, wiring, exhaust manifolds, all accessories, etc.. Basically a whole engine ready for a swap, just in about 4 plastic tubs.

Looking for $2500.

Will sell everything for $5000.
Located in Hattiesburg, MS.

Kevin D.

01-07-2007, 01:18 AM
Here's some pics of the car when I picked it up, looks the same now just dusty on the outside. Plus a pick of the newer engine and parts.