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Taubr Unit
01-23-2007, 02:26 PM
Got a '02 ta with 241 heads on it. Were gonna be putting in a nitrous cam. Heres the delema. We can get a set of 806 Heads for basically free. Now the car is a DD so were on a time limit. So we were gonna get the 806 heads off a 98 ws6 and and do a little port work and put on patriot gold springs on it so when we do the cam swap we have little to no down time. But then i hear how bad the 806 castings are. But thats when they compare 241 heads on a 98, not vise versa. So ported/re-sprung 806 heads on a '02, yea or neh?? And will everything else work from his heads to thoes. I think i read you need different valve covers and different coil brackets.