View Full Version : Mike Smith's Thunder Racing ProCharged 402 CTS-V...

01-25-2007, 08:03 PM

Here are a few pics and some preliminary dyno numbers from one of our customers '05 CTS-V. The combo includes:

Custom Thunder Racing LS2 402
AFR 225's w/ GTP stage 3 forced induction porting
Thunder Racing custom blower cam
Fast 90 w/ LS2 TB
ProCharger D1SC w/ MADMAN custom fabricated mount and plumbing
Racetronix/Thunder Racing custom fuel system
Kooks 1 7/8" headers, custom intermediate pipes, B&B X-Pipe and Mufflers
SPEC Stage 3+ Clutch with McLeod Billet Flywheel

The car made 664 RWHP @ 5600 on the first pull, spinning the tires on the dyno! Unfortunately, the next pull showed us that we are out of blower at 5600! Turns out we are spinning the blower to 70,000 rpm when it is only rated to 64,000... F-1A is on the way :devil: Needless to say, Mike is extremely happy with the setup and is looking forward to seeing what this thing will do when we can pull it to 7K. We are in the process of installing an upgraded radiator and the MADMAN independent 9" rear end setup right now. We are also working on fine tuning the driveabilty tuning. Here is the dyno graph and some pics of the car as it sits today. (Sorry, the first pull was made without a tach lead on the dyno... oops :) )

All pulls were made on 93 octane without any methanol injection maxed out at 11 PSI.