View Full Version : New TIMES BMP

02-02-2007, 03:25 PM
I ran at BMP last night with the new 3000stall converter. My setup now is LT's, Lid, ORY,HP TUner, 3000stall.
On the motor time- 12.86 @103.44. Spinning outta the whole w/ a 1.75 60ft.
on the spray from about 330ft mark. with an empty bottle of 75dryshot- 12.54@107.5 spinning even morewith a 1.83 60ft.
I was run MT et streets and still spun. I have Most of BMR rear suspension BUT THE TORQUE ARM.. so I think thats should be next, and more Nitrous, with heads and cam!! I had fun though Nice night. Lots of Stangs and Rice. I ate 1 cobra, and almost took out the nova drag car on the motor. 3-4 length diff.