View Full Version : Bobby@Kentucky Speed awesome!

02-12-2007, 12:00 PM
well to start off they have great customer service and got back to me ASAP! it was great knowing they were there for you!

I ordered some UMI stuff from them and they kept me updated on the when the stuff was going to ship because UMI was being slow! not many people do that on here!

Also we had a mix up and UMI doesnt sell their DRive saftey loops anymore! he took care of me shopped around and got a Spohn out to me ASAP and he is covering the extra charge on it!

Anyways they are great over there and will work you the best deal possible!

they might be new but they are pretty much better than most sponsers on here!

I highly recomend them and will be going back for sure!

Thanks again guys!