View Full Version : Anyone know how to completly disassemble/re-assembly C5 Side Mirror Assemblies?

02-20-2007, 07:30 PM
There is a spring located inside of the top half of the c5 side mirror. Its like a door spring. Its compressed and would take a lot of force to compress it more to remove it. There is a clip on top of the spring that attaches to the shaft coming from the bottom piece. If the clip is removed, the top and bottom mirror sections will separate. Problem is I can only see about 33% of the spring, so I can't really compress the spring so I can remove the clip.

Is there a special tool out there to remove it? I have a door spring removal tool but no way I can get it in there.

I'm wanting to do this because I have 2 bad mirrors and if I have enough good parts from them to make 1 good mirror.