View Full Version : H / X Pipe or True Duals?

02-27-2007, 08:20 PM
Is it all the same? Which one is better for my 99 WS6 Formula? How much $ am I looking at ? Where can I get it done in Dallas, TX? Please hook me up. Lost all my connections.


Smoke Panther
02-28-2007, 09:14 AM
you're gonna need an H-/X-pipe for true duals

02-28-2007, 09:16 AM
This is the wrong questions to ask in here friend! No matter which is better, no one will agree on it. If someone says an X pipe is better, then someone will jump down your throat and say that's wrong and vice versa.

I've used both and I find that an X Pipe works the best form my cars. It gives me a little more low end torque.

But I assure you someone will chime in and call me a liar or say that I'm wrong and say that the H Pipe is better.

02-28-2007, 06:21 PM
people say the H pipe has better sound, but the X pipe flows better....i personally like the X myself

02-28-2007, 07:01 PM
Thanks for the replys, Ok so the X-pipe is better, now how much will it cost me and where do I take it in Dallas, TX? Thanks.

02-28-2007, 07:12 PM
check out lg motorsports in wylie, very nice shop and do the work right, highly reccomended.

02-28-2007, 07:20 PM
you need to do a little research, trust me, with a car like this its worht it..

search around the site, and don't let the opinions of a couple people sway you, unless you just like you decisions made for you. There is a lot of information on this site...

I want to use an H when I get duals, why sacrifice sound for that tiny extra flow, if it makes a difference at all. If you do some research, you'll see that almost everyone here, who has duals, uses an X, so this site is a little biased toward them.

good luck with what ever you choose


02-28-2007, 07:25 PM
and if you scroll down on the welcome page, the are regional forums, texas has its own forum. you might get more recommendations on a shop there..