View Full Version : Lifters and Dual Springs questions

08-28-2002, 01:54 AM
What is the benefit in having more lift? I'm looking at the TR 224/224 .561/.561 112 LSA cam right now but then I have been seeing people with 224 cams with .591 lift. What purpose does that serve? What does it change?
Also, if I go with the TR 224 cam or even the other 224 cam with .591 lift, will I need to get dual springs? I'm only going to port my stock heads. I know you can buy stage 2 heads with the dual springs but can I do dual springs on ported stock heads without any other modification?
I was also thinking about having them milled .30 over to bump up the compression half a point as well. Would all of this work well together? Are lift and the springs related? I've seen a lot of people on the board lately breaking there 918 springs and it has me worried. I'm getting close to install time so I need to make my decision soon. Does compression effect the springs? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks- Mike W.