View Full Version : Thinking of sellin the T/A for a C5? Whats it worth?

03-29-2007, 04:06 PM
Some info about the car. It was built in Feb of 02. I'm the second owner first owner was a chick, bought it from a dealer with 36k on the clock. The car was bone stock when I got it. It's a Black 6spd 2002 Trans Am w/ the NHRA Package. Its just turned 55k the other day.

The interior is in good-great condition. The only problem I know of is the drivers seat has some where on the side part from sliding in and out of the car.

The exterior is in fair-good condition. It's in the desert and we get some hellish winds. So the front end has alot of tiny paint chips. The drivers side headlight cover was hit by a rock and has a 1" long dent in it. The chrome wheels are in good condition but the insides are rough from the salt in wisconsin. The tires have about 25% left.

Mechanically wise the engine runs GREAT. Has a new water pump and knock sensors. The transmission shifts great and the clutch is great. Other than that the only thing i know thats wrong with it is the pinion seal is starting to leak.

Mods it has:
SLP Sub Frame Connectors
SLP Loud Mouth Exhaust
SLP Traction Control Switch
Basic HP Tuners tune from a local (deleted skip shift too)

My pic site is down. Should have some tonite.

03-29-2007, 05:34 PM
Atleast in this area I could see a car like thats going for around $14k private, definitely more at a dealer, but well all know that. However there is a price variance from east to west coast so it could be quite different in cali.

03-29-2007, 05:51 PM
That car could net an easy 14-15k here in the south private, 17-19k at a dealer. Alot of guys do the C5 switch and seem to love it at first, but eventually get to miss the muscle car feel of the Fbod.