View Full Version : wheel change maybe

03-31-2007, 07:28 PM
I was thinking about going with a 15" rear drag wheel, now that it is an option, just not sure if I want to go for the Bogarts again. I have 16x10 Bolted RT's with the 6" backspace, but they worked with the IRS. It looks like I can go with the 15" now so I started investigating the fit with my new mounted 28x12.5" ET Streets.

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Man they just barely fit so I guess 29" is out of the question, but that is alright all I want to run is a full slick 28x12.5/13.5", that should put me at 136@6600rpm. What you can see in the 1st picture is 2" available behind so the matching Bogart I was thinking to get made is a 15x11" with 7.5" backspacing, moving the entire extra inch inwards but also move the outside lip in an additional 1/2" as well. If I buy a cheaper rim I will get a 15x10 with 6.5 or 7" backspace to move the tire in 1/2 to 1 full inch, I don't have room for a 15x12, too tight. I would like the extra inch in width to help stiffen the sidewalls, the main reason to go to the 15" wheel is for the greater number of stiff sidewall tires available in the 15" size. They are made for harder hitting stick cars and to help with reaction times, so I wanted to try them and I'll keep DOT slicks mounted on my 16" wheels for street nights or any DOT class race.