View Full Version : w2w camaro build

06-21-2007, 03:58 PM
Hey guys i am relly likeing this build the build (

there is one part that i like and am wanting to buy, it is the carbon fiber gauge layout, does any onw know were i can get one? i looked on there web site but no luck..

thanks for the time guys. and nice work on the w2w cars...


06-22-2007, 01:51 PM
I'm pretty sure they got it from a member on here and wrapped in CF, have you tried calling em'?

06-22-2007, 05:27 PM
Big Block, call and ask for Jesse here and he can answer any questions on that car. Trust is right, we purchased the base piece then built from there.


06-22-2007, 05:40 PM
Cool, thanks guy's