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2 SSlow
09-13-2007, 03:40 PM
At school we have a mustang dyno that allows you to pull 1/4 mile passes. Put the car on it today just messing around. Apparently you can't launch at 4k rpm...

60' 3.111 @ 44.97mph
330' 6.08 @ 74.38mph
1/8 8.70 @ 94.76mph
1000' 10.98 @ 108.03mph
1/4 12.92 @ 116.43mph

I think the only thing accurate is my 1/4 MPH

My most recent pass at the track was a 13.007 @ 114.8 in 100* weather, and extremly humid. 1 tire fire to the 330 ft....60' was 2.36 :emb:

I'm thinking a rear end, tires, and re-tune(rev limiter is 6500, feels like it needs to be shifted higher, and it's a little lean on the big end like my ijnectors are maxed out lol) will take me DEEEP into the 12's if not better.

09-14-2007, 02:49 PM
ur 60' is horrible! get that down and u can easily be in low 12's with beter rubber and the 10 bolt imo