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09-27-2007, 11:17 PM

Finally got a new bow for this season and need to let my old one go to offset some of the costs. Let me begin by saying that up until a few days ago, i was going to hunt with this bow this season, but fell into a little bit of cash and got something newer. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with this at all. 100% functional 100% deadly accurate and ready to kill deer! the only blemish is a little residue left on the bow where i had camo moleskin that peeled off(see pics).

Bow is a Jennings Buckmaster 2000
Right Hand.
Adjustable draw from 26"-29"
50-60lb draw
red/black zebra twist string
cant remember the brands off all the accessories, but its all name brand stuff, that ive used to successfully kill 3 deer with this bow. everything in the pics is included
stabilizer, quiver, rest, sight, wrist strap, kisser button, peep, etc.

This is the perfect bow for a beginner or young archer. The draw length is adjustable by loosening a set screw on the cam (see pics) so you dont need a bow press to change the length. with the lighter draw, you can start it at 50lbs, then as you grow into it, crank it up to 60lbs, which is more then enough to kill deer. i used it from the time i was 18yrs old til now. (22) This would make a great first bow for your son to introduce him to archery. All you need to do is set the draw length to fit you, and get some arrows cut to match your draw length and you are hunting. This can all be done at your local sport shop in under 1 hour.

Asking $225 plus shipping. Credit/debit cards accepted via Paypal.

Pm me with any questions you have and ill be happy to answer them.

09-28-2007, 12:37 PM
Will accept trades or partial trades for guns, handguns, anything outdoor related, xbox360, ipod, electronics etc... let me know what you got.

09-28-2007, 01:17 PM
Somebody jump on this, its a good buy....
I use to have one. But decided to upgrade this year as well.

I just bought a new Mathews Mission bow... One hell of a bow too.


09-28-2007, 01:31 PM
Thanks for the bump.

i wanted a mathews but could only afford the bare bow for now. My bow season starts tomorrow and i couldnt sit on the sidelines for a whole season! So i went with a cheaper bow I could afford to outfit. I am a 100% treestand hunter so i went with a Bear Instinct because its only 30" axel to axel and still shoots 305+fps despite its small size. I topped it off with some nice accessories like a drop away, quik tune rest, dead nuts sight, and vortex new dawn quiver. Im hoping to take a nice buck soon. Good Luck to you!

ALSO - If anyone is new to archery and has questions on how to get started please let me know. Im happy to help you out. I've been archery hunting for 8 years, starting when i was 14yrs old. Ive seen alot of fads come and go, but trust me you wont be disappointed with this setup. If you are looking at buying a bow that is already setup from a dealer, think again. You are going to change most of the junk that comes with it anyway and wont be saving much money in the long run. (Like a whisker biscuit rest, which comes in most packages... Shoot a few arrows through it and see if you have and fletchings left. They are notorious for tearing them off)

09-28-2007, 03:20 PM
Yeah I got a killer deal on my bow, I only paid 345, for bare bow. Then I chose a Fall away rest as well. its a Quad Pro HD Rest, For my opti's I got a Black Gold Flash Point 7. Very nice, over a hundred bucks just for that. lol. And a Doinker A-Bomd Stabilizer. Then I got the new Alpine Soft lock 5 arrow Quiver.

Bow specs are

33" cam to cam
60 to 70lb
310 FPS
7.5 Brace Height.

I bought the upgraded lower cam, I think it is the same cam that is on the Switchback. I am actually pulling back 73 lbs on it. I shot a few arrows there at the local range and with a 100 grain broad head my FPS was 317.

All in all I paid close to 1100.00 for everything. I hunt strickly Tree stand as well. Infact I will be back out for my second dear this month, this weekend.

Sorry for the thread highjack. lol Good luck on your sale.


09-28-2007, 08:04 PM
sweet bow dude. and it sounds like you got a good deal on it. happy hunting