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Scoggin Dickey
10-17-2007, 01:55 PM
That's right folks! You heard it here first! We've already received a big truck load of GM's new CNC'd L92 heads! Of course, we're offering several different head setups to suit your needs! First, a little bit more about these heads (including flow numbers and pricing)!!!

Casting Number 12595364 or 12582716
Valve Angle 15-degree
Combustion Chamber 70cc*
Intake Port Volume 279cc*
Exhaust port Volume 99cc*
Minimum Cylinder Bore 4.000”
* Approximate, Numbers are within +/- 2cc’s

Milling Information for Combustion Chamber Sizing
Approximately 0.006” per 1-ccFor 68-cc Chamber Remove 0.012”
For 65-cc Chamber Remove 0.030”

Part Numbers & Pricing
SD8699 - $998.98 per pair
-Stock LS1 springs good to .500" lift, stock locks and retainers, 2.165”/1.590” L92 Valves

SD8760 - $1189.95 per pair
-Same as above but with SDL1600VS springs good to .600" lift, stock locks and retainers

SD8765 - $1299.95 per pair
-Same as the first but with SDL1650VS springs good to .650" lift and titanium retainers

SD8800 - $1499.95 per pair
-Same as SD8765 but with Manley Stainless valves

Flow Chart
Flowed @ 28” H20 on a 4.155” Bore

Lift------Intake (cfm)-----Exhaust (cfm)

Scoggin Dickey
10-17-2007, 04:46 PM
CNC L92 Heads Added To Our Website! (