View Full Version : My Z28 VS. Trans Am WS6

11-10-2007, 04:17 PM
Now 1st off, i gotta let it be known that my car isnt running at 100%. The High Mass Air Flow Sensor is screwed, and not allowing the car to get the full amount of power it should get. Not that it's an excuse, cuz i did win lol

So i pulled up to a Trans Am the other day at the stop light. We only raced from stop light to stop light. So it was a quick short race, but anyway's, I noticed it was a chick driving. She wasnt hott lol but i pretty much thought she wouldnt be down to race. When the light hit, i just gave it the gas like normal to pull ahead and i noticed she gave it the gas as well and was right next to me. Then she started pulling ahead, so i gave it the gas even more. I was hoping the power would kick in, cuz it usually doe's that when i give it the gas, once that happen's the car just take's off as if it has no problem's, but it never did. So i was just thinkin to myself, damn she's bout to smoke my ass. I was still next to her though, just a lil behind. I'de say the front bumper was around the back of her front tire. When all of a sudden, i hear her fuck up on her shift nasty. I got muffler's, and i still heard that. After that, i just pulled away from her.

It's not much of a race, but thankfully she didnt shift right lol. She wouldve spanked me, if she got her shift down. I guess it's like they say, a win's a win.

11-10-2007, 04:28 PM
Pretty funny story. If she was hot, you could have offered to teach her how to drive that thing.