View Full Version : Pinks all out

11-23-2007, 12:20 PM
Pinks All-out has posted the schedule for 2008. Each track has a link to there websites. I know people have different thoughts about the way the show is run butÖ..10 Grand is 10 Grand. I entered the All-out at Maple Grove last year and it was a pretty good time. I was a little surprised to be the only S197 there. There was a very small showing of street cars compared to the amount of full race cars as well. I think that may be due to the way the entries are advertised. Itís obvious that the shows host always leans toward 9 and 10 second cars. It would be cool if enough REAL street cars showed up to give better odds to get in the final 16. Check your local tracks sign-up procedures and letís flood the fields with actual street cars.