View Full Version : Should I stick with my Kumho Ecsta Supra 712?

12-10-2007, 10:22 AM
Right now I am running some Kumho Ecsta Supra 712 275/40/17 new in the rear, and the front ones need to be replaced BAD due to the camber on the sportline springs i'm running. I'm gonna get the camber adjusted so it doesn't happen to my next set of tires.

I live in TN, where we MIGHT see a flurry once a year if we are lucky, but it does get to 20s-30s in Winter. The Ecsta Supra's are a Summer performance tire. Tirerack says these tires are not intended to be driven on in near freezing temps. What are the problems with the tire in near-freezing temperatures?

I like the tire, and tirerack has them for $108 a piece. Not a bad price. I was either gonna get those for the Ecsta SPT's for $118. Should I get some more 712's or consider changing them?

12-10-2007, 01:35 PM
i wouldnt i ran them and went to sumitomos and loved them alot more and the were alot cheeper ;)

12-10-2007, 01:59 PM
You can find a set of two 712's on ebay for about 200 shipped. I bought a set and got them within a week. For 197 shipped....Brand new.

12-10-2007, 02:05 PM
Wow. yeah im lookin at an auction $175 for 2 tires.. very nice..

But what about the winter temperature, why are they not intended for near-freezing temps? if no snow is ever seen

12-10-2007, 02:20 PM
the colder the tires and the colder out side the less traction you have just like the same reason to do a burn out to heat the tires at the strip. i was in my cuzzins 99 ws6 and it was about 30f out side and the car wasent driven the whole night to the tires where ice cold. so we go about 6 block down the road to get him some smokes and on the way back he decides to get on it and a sec later the car loses control. it was a 5 lane hwy {1 middle turning lane} so we end up from the far lane to the other side of the road going the oposite way and slide in to a curb jump it and land in the grass. needed 2 wheels,a rear quarter and side skirt. so thats why there not suposed to be in freezing temps.

12-10-2007, 02:35 PM
I'm stuck between buying these 712's or an all-season tire. In general A/S tires are a bit more expensive.. DanzRedz28, u said u like sumitomos? These are $94 a piece, and don't look bad. How are these tires? either that or the Kumho Ecsta ASX, which on the left side of the tires you can see it has the exact same tread pattern as these 712's so that may be a good tire for me.

I don't want to lose good traction in the summer. And don't have the money right now to have a whole set of summer and winter tires, especially since it never snows here.. but i NEED 2 front tires. don't know what to get.

12-10-2007, 02:57 PM
Like mentioned earlier, they just dont grip as well in the colder temperatures...Im considering the AVON m500 tires..seem to be a good tire..I have had two sets of the kumho 712's and they always seemed to be a little to soft and wore out fast..I also had some Nexen N3000 and they did wonderful...good grip, quiet, and did well in cold weather..Im torn between them and Avon's right now for a cheap tire, since Im going through a divorce

12-10-2007, 04:07 PM
ok i lived in hawaii for 3 years and started out with the kumo's 712's. After that i got the Sumitomo HTRZ II summer performance tires and were a huge improvement over the kumo's in my car. Then i moved to missouri and they sucked in the winter time so i got the one's you listed Sumitomo HTR+ all season performance and my traction went down a little but not bad and they were great in snow and ice! On tire rack you can look at all rating it will be color coated and number ratings ;) both of the sumitomo's were better then the kumo's to me

12-10-2007, 04:14 PM
go to they have some nice cheep tires too. sort by price

12-10-2007, 08:56 PM
I've never heard of Nexen. $75 a tire? In the car industry, I believe you get what you pay for.. They can't be that good. I'm lookin to spend $100-130 a tire. Maybe a little more, depending on the tire

12-10-2007, 10:32 PM
I've never heard of Nexen. $75 a tire? In the car industry, I believe you get what you pay for.. They can't be that good. I'm lookin to spend $100-130 a tire. Maybe a little more, depending on the tire

hey I completely agree..however these are great tires for Daily Driving if your not drag racing and auto crossing..I had them on my v6 convertible and just drove average and these tires were great..quiet..good traction for a v6..and endless tread...kept them for 15,000 miles and could not tell they were even worn...not saying you can drag race these tires..for a cheap tire to get you by until you can get some expensive tires these are a good the reviews all over the internet..they have a good reputation

12-10-2007, 11:50 PM
I think I want to buy 2 Kumho Ecsta MX's to throw on the rear and put my 712's up front..