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Shawn @ VA Speed
01-01-2008, 08:34 PM
I just wanted to tell you a little about us and what we do.
Virginia Speed Inc. was established a little over 4 years ago in Virginia Beach,Virginia.We have a 10,000 sq ft. facility thats equipped to perform just about any task needed to build or modify any high performance car,truck or boat.
We have a full machine shop that includes some of the newest and most precise machines available including an RMC V40 4axis cnc and a Sunnen SV10 diamond hone.
We have a vast array of engine test and measurement equipment to ensure the very best performance of your engine,including a Superflow 1020 flowbench,Cam Pro Plus cam measurement device,Superflow 902 engine dyno,Shenck endurance engine dyno,and a Dynojet chassis dyno.
To ensure you have the best engine combonation possible,all engines are simulated using advanced engine simulation software.This is the same software used by GM Ford,Formula 1 and Nascar teams in their engine development programs.We also use Gordon Blair's 4 stroke valvetrain and camshaft design software for the ultimate in valvetrain design
Combine all of that technology with the expert engine assembly techniques employed by our engine builders,you end up with an engine thats makes tons of power with excellent longevity.
We also have a full fab shop in house with serveral tig and mig welders,tubing benders,and other various saws and metal fab equipment.Weather you need a tab welded or a full custom turbo setup or rollcage,we got you covered.
Last but surely not least is our parts wharehouse,with a large showroom we stock severall $100,000 worth of parts at all times.We are dealers for most high performance manufacturers.We recieve and ship lots of parts everyday.And we install everything we sell.So if you need a set of headers installed or that new engine you just bought we can do it.Plus we have one of the best tuners around.
so like i said we truly are a one stop shop for all your high performance needs.
Dont be afraid to call 757-468-5101