View Full Version : Quick race with STI

02-24-2008, 08:28 PM
Well I always loved these cars and found one on the way home we only went to about 85/90 mph but we were pretty much dead even with me starting to pull up top and having a fender on him. I could tell if we went passed 100 mph I would have maybe put a car on him but it was fast and gave him a thumbs up.

So I down shift my automatic so I dont have to wait for the kick down at around 25 roll and let him punch it first then I floor it and gain his half fender back it was like a :engarde: with me pulling at the top of my rpm's. I think if we went passed 100 I would have had a full car on him or maybe more. All I heard was a blow off valve not sure if they come stock like that or not but it was a quick little sucker. Oh yea I have the slow camaro with 2.73geard,lid,catback pretty much stock I was happy with the outcome.