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03-03-2008, 08:43 PM
Hey whats up everyone? I unfortunately have decided to sell the Trans Am to help finance another project. I know ill never get what i have in it back out but was wanting to see what you guys think i could get out of the car. Perfect Carfax.

99 NBM TA A4
42,XXX mi.
Lid - K&N - Ported TB - LS6 Intake - !EGR/AIR
Pacesetter Coated LTs, Custom 3” ORH, Moroso Spiral Flows, Turn Downs
Strano Springs - Strano Revalved Bilstein HDs
Tune - NGK TR55s - Motive 3.73
Got 5% Tint And Blackouts but prob just take all that off for the sale.

Paint is an 8.5 I guess, very minor scratches here and there and 2 tiny rock chips on the hood.

Interior is basically brand new! For a used car id call it a 10.

Runs incredible and very strong for bolt-ons. Has a CEL on but i had it checked at autozone and they said perhaps bad gas (it sits alot too). Also the driver window motor is dying, its starting to get slow. Other than that its great.

I have powder coated and clear coated black TTIIs - 315s on the car but figured it could sell them separate and make a little more money off them that way instead of leaving em on the car?? Ive already stripped some of the stuff off the car

Shoot me some figures to get me in the right direction please. I have appreciated all the help from everyone with this car, youve all been a great asset!

03-03-2008, 10:53 PM
For starters, put the car back to stock as much as possible and sell the extras off or throw them in with the car. Definitely take care of the check engine light - that's a green light for buyers to haggle you down. Leaving the car modded narrows the market of buyers down significantly on a car that already has a narrow market... People buy these cars to mod them of course but they like to do it themselves! Put it back to stock and start from there with the price. Put the stock wheels back on and sell the others outright or offer them along with the car. People love extras.

03-03-2008, 10:56 PM
Yeah ill check on getting the CEL taken off. Ive gotten off everything i can that i have the stock replacements for, everything else will have to stay on it.