View Full Version : Gear ratio affect on dyno numbers?

AgreSSer SS
04-07-2008, 12:48 AM
Do numerically Higher gear ratios reduce the the horsepower and torque numbers on the dyno? I was curious if it was like how stalled converter cars tend to dyno less than a M-6 car with the same mods yet run better et's at the track.

I too am in the market for an aftermarket rear ( I am partial to the f-body S-60 with 3:73 from my 3:23 stock) but am a little concerned about reduced hp and trq numbers the dynos show for them.

There is also a good article in the june 2008 issue of Car craft magazine pg's 40-52 that compares the popular rear end choices on the market.

Thanks in advance for your replies everyone.