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04-10-2008, 03:13 PM
whats up guys? im brand spankin new to LS1's. Before i was turned onto f-body's i was a ford man. I just got rid of my 90 GT a couple of months ago. Mustang was blown with all the goodies h/c/i ect. ect... running in the deep deep 11's. i loved my stang untill my friend bought home an 01 hawk. INSTANTLY i fell in love with the 4th gen f-body.

so after hunting for a couple of months i found my 98 WS6 M6 car. it had 64k miles on it when i picked it off an older couple in CT. Car is bone stock right now right down to the paper airfilter. i love cruisin around in her, t-top's are awesome (never had a car w/t-tops) i love rowing though the gears. seats are comfy, its a really nice car. but getten outa my stang to this as far as speed goes.... This cars BORING! so i did some reading an researching. And i made some moves...

the moves are as followed.....

MS3 Camshaft + Comp springs + Pushrods from Texas speed
Fast LSX 90MM intake w/ N.Williams 90 Throttle body
#42 injectors / 255 walbro intake pump
Kooks Longtube headers
Off road Y pipe
Loudmouth 2 cat back
and a custom tune on dyno.

................................. thats it for now.

Now some questions.....

1. How much power to the wheels should i gain from this combo?

2. i plan on AFR 205's and hitting it with a 150 shot w/in the next 6 months.... should of i went with #60 pound injectors???

3. Any 1/4 mile guess's?

in 6 months to 1 year, i plan of having heads and a 12 bolt installedi just couldnt afford all this at once...

Thank you guys.....Any feed back or comments/idea's are welcome and appreciated and i look forward to being part of this board!

04-10-2008, 03:17 PM
youll probably be ok with the 42# injecs, i would say around 45X rwhp assuming its a T56 tranny and a mid to high 11 if u can drive well. AFRs are very well built heads, bout I would get a lil more compression with some stage 3 5.3L heads.

And talk to Ron at Vengance and get a ported FAST, WELL worth the money!