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04-10-2008, 07:31 PM
I am combining a whole bunch of stuff for sale here. So there may be more added as time goes into the posts.. Cleaning out the garage to sell stuff to Finish the Z for good. No dilly dallin anymore. Car would be done by now but I've been putting the last 7 months of hard work and money into starting my own video business.

Anyways I am selling the 18" wheels and tires that I bought for my 93 car a while back. I have NEVER seen them on a fbody and I had huge amounts of compliments on the power tour. Both the wheels and tires have less then 5k of usage on them. 3240 miles of that are from the power tour in 2005. VGSLS1 and BLACKTRANSAM can verify this.

Anyways they are 18x8 MB motoring REV wheels

5 STAR w/ 245/40/18 tires Back when I bought everything BRAND NEW I dropped 800+ alone on the wheels and 600 on the tires. So I'm loosing my shirt here but someone can make their fbody stand out for a good price.

fully polished face , lips , and spokes. I really love these wheels and dont want to get rid of them. but hell anyone that knows me i am a packrat when it comes to video equipment and wheels. They are made for BMW 5-8 series cars with a +40 mm offset. They fit flush with the fenders on all year F-BODYS. they will botl up to a corvette, but i do not know how they would look. More then likely nice I would assume.

I will get close up pics over the weekend but all i can do now is post a link to one large pic of my car on the daytona track. I will try to find some more on the power tour.



i've been using this camera for all of my stills taken at photo or video shoots with my bands. It is a 4.0 MP camera. But its not your standard 4 megapixel.

click on the link below for the specs. they will speak for themself.

i paid 150$ for it used and have used it appx 20 times. Comes with a 256mb card that still can take on max quality about 150 pictures on 3.0 mp mode.
i think on 4.0 mp mode its around 110
regardless its a great camera for a starting out photographer. takes amazing close up shots ( macro ) it also takes pictures and buffers fast so you can snap picture after picture with little down time.

i upgraded to a 12.0 mp for my business. so my loss is your gain.

75$ takes it. comes with a case , memory card, all the goodies i bought it from. including the box and original paperwork.


I just recently upgraded to all panasonic DVPRO equipment running MINIDV format. selling everything else. this camcorder has been used only a handfull of times. Guaranteed less then 10 hours on the machine period.
bought it brand new about 1.5 - 2 yrs ago at circuit city one sale for 299.95 from 379.99

comes with a case,charger, yadda cables yadda

It's a great small camcorder. Just need the money before credit card bill comes from recent purchase on an 1,100 pro model.

look below for the specs on the link below...

for sale 225$ or trade ....

let me know if any interest. thanks.

04-10-2008, 10:13 PM
any pics of them on the car?

04-10-2008, 10:49 PM
this is the best I can do for right now. Trust me when I say I've never seen these wheels on any ones car but MY OWN.


04-11-2008, 07:57 AM
so hot..

think they'll fit a 99 a4???

04-15-2008, 06:44 PM
ttt I have replied all PM's sent on the wheels.

04-21-2008, 07:09 PM
to the top fellas. I am open to trades. May be interested in a factory LSx block.. LOOKING For 6.0 L heads.. cam etc.. post what you have.

05-10-2008, 01:51 PM
Wheels And Minolta Camera Are Still Available. Pending Sale On Sony 8mm Digital.

05-10-2008, 02:22 PM
hmm, its hot..