View Full Version : So nothing left but the doors so I might as well upgrade. Got these

04-13-2008, 12:58 PM
I checked the rear speakers out and someone replaced with someo Infinity Kappas so they sound good enough and will leave them be. Just got the Bazookas off Kee for the sails to fix that. So I have one TW-25 CDT tweet going to get another to pair it up and get rid of the factory pieces. I figure while in there shouldn't I just swap the door speakers out too? I have CDT M-6's which are actually an oversize 6.75" mid and a pair of Tang Band 6.5's. Will either of those work okay in the doors and clear with everything? Hoping at least the tweets will work okay without a CDT X-over if not. So should I go with a 6.5 mid or sub? Maybe a different brand/power rating so it screams in the door? Only want to pull the door panel off once!