View Full Version : Steering Issue on Long End of Track?

04-28-2008, 04:24 PM
Does anyone notice that their front tires pull hard after about the 1/8 mile at the track. It seems I have to fight the car to keep it going straight. I assume it's from the 275/17 directional treads on the front.

The track I go to was re-surfaced last year, so it can't be too uneven.

JL ws-6
04-28-2008, 05:22 PM
Probably the rear tires at differnt sizes. That will cause what you're talking about, if you're having a problem with the car pulling in one direction at speed.

If it's bad enough it will cause the car to launch screwy as well.

Measure the rear tires, sounds like you have a set that's not matched up very well.

04-28-2008, 05:28 PM
forgot to mention that rears are 275/17 true street tires

JL ws-6
04-28-2008, 06:12 PM
I bet the rear isn't lined up right, or your alignment in the front end is off

04-28-2008, 06:43 PM
might be time for a 4 wheel computer alignment. have adj panhard and control arms.

JL ws-6
04-28-2008, 08:23 PM
control arms are probably off. If you had relocateion brackets put on, I bet one isn't welded exactly the same as the other, that will do it too.

04-28-2008, 09:49 PM
yeahp, I put the relocation brackets on myself. measured the control arms to stock length. 4 wheel computer alignment should take care of that as well.