View Full Version : looking for advice in a future career choice.

05-12-2008, 09:57 PM
I'm currently in high school and after I graduate I would like to persue a career in the automotive idustry. I would like to concentrate in the performance sector, specifically working with engines or the powertrain in general, as that's where i've mainly been concentrating with my personal studies.

From what i've been told, the best route is to complete a basic apprenticeship as a mechanic, and then to work in a garage for a couple of years to gain real world experience. After that I should go back to school in order to specialize in a specific area. I was wondering if this is truely one of the best routes to take for accomplishing my goal, and if there is any advice you guys could give me.

I have been wanting to do something in this field for a long time and i think that your input may greatly help with my career, i have been considering schools such as SAM for specialization, as they seem to be one of the best options for working with engines. Thanks for taking an interest.