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05-19-2008, 09:23 PM
I just wana say thanks to everyone at texas speed i talked to matt ,jon,and jason and
all were very nice and informitive and i thank them for putting up with me calling so much. guys i sent them my PCM for tuning on a tuesday at 1pm or so from van buren AR they had it by wensday morning at 10 jason called me at 6:25 wensday afternoon for some questions and on thursday around 10am it was on my doorstep (hows that for turnaround time) the car has their MS3 cam and since the tune is running awesome
just wanted to thank them for the good and quick work and will definetly deal with agin and would recomend them to anyone just all around great ppl thanks guys

ill be seening you in a month or so with my buddies turbo 408 t/a fo tuning and thanks agin
john wilson

05-20-2008, 10:51 AM
Glad we could get you fixed up quickly! Let us know if you need anything at all. Also, remember you have free retunes for a year so if you throw some heads on, change gears, or just want to tweak the tune, shoot it back and we'll get it updated for you! :)

Thanks again!