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08-10-2003, 03:53 PM
Problems: Before cam, 150 shot yielded 11.4x @ 119 on ET streets. Now after cam, 150shot yields 11.4x @ 119 on DR's.

The 60' are .15 worse with DR's. Running the same AFR before to after @ 12.6:1AFR. No timing is being pulled either. My experience with DR's is it will normally yield higher trap speeds, but lower ET's when compared to ET Streets, yet I have matching numbers. I am thinking the LS1 Intake is really holding me back, but could it be the injectors as well, or is the nitrous power independent of the Inj. Flow Rate?

2000 Z28 with 26# injectors (yes the are over 80% 5000rpms, and yes I spin it to 6400rpms).

I konw with a set of heads I wil be cooking, but might the intake really be holding me back? I dynoed 346/366 and think maybe a 150shot is just a little too much. With a 100 shot I get 11.6 @ 117mph, btw.
TIA, Charlie.

Navy David SS
08-10-2003, 06:16 PM
My experience: LS1 intake - everything stock - 28lb injectors, stock heads, cam, etc - thru cutom duals, 100 shot on TNT wet system = best of 11.67 at 114mph

LS6 intake - nothing else changed - 11.38 at 124+mph

I recently order the R-X intank fuel pump and 30lb injectors. Will be attempting 150 shot.

IMO the LS6 intake and 30lb injectors would help you tremendously.

It would be cool for a 10 second pass (since I intend on doing it for the first time at an import/EFI racing) :devil:


08-10-2003, 07:32 PM
David, thats what I am tlakign about. I really think between the combo of injectors/intake/stock heads (not the nice 241's either) its being held back. So, since I know I NEED injectors anyway, figure do them and the intake and hopefully the NXL will finally come out some time...install as a set, and shoot for mid 10's. Oh that and a pro timed 200shot DP!

Thanks for the info on your experience.

08-11-2003, 12:27 AM
anyone else?