View Full Version : A convert from the dark side!

Omaha Lt1
09-09-2008, 10:51 AM
Hey all, I have found this place after advice from members on After years of being a mustang builder and fanatic, I have suddenly found myself with a lust for somthing just a little bigger, a little longer, and a little lower.

I am on the hunt for a 6 speed Lt1 to start out with, and im shooting to be into the high 11's with it, but I'll be happy as heck with anything in the 12's. Im looking to spend 4-5grand, and I dont mind some higher miles. I'll spend the long nebraska winter in my garage drinking beer and working on the car, learning and probably just starting with bolt-ons.

What all do I need to get into the 12's? Any help or advice is appreciated, and I'd rather not spray or boost. Thanks guys!