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09-13-2008, 10:30 PM
Well I recently purchased another ls powered car and got to take it to Richmond dragway in Richmond VA on 8/29. Didn't post earlier because I wanted to find the timeslip to get the numbers right. 1998 Camaro SS m6 with MTI 427. Anyways ran the following
2.10 60 ft
121 mph
first 12 second pass in an ls car.:chug:
Followed it up with
1.94 60 ft
7.74 1/8 mile et
95.68 1/8 mph
11.83 1/4 et
121.85 1/4 mph
first 11 second pass in an ls car: :D

The car has plenty more in it.
these runs where with the Borla exhaust fully closed.:bang:
Figured it wouldn't matter due to the 17" nitto dr's..traction was non-existent. The tires would start to spin when the car got to about 4000 rpm in 1st gear after I eased it off the line to hook up. This car is a beast. Big thanks to Ed (edcmat-l1) at The HP Factory in Portsmouth VA for cleaning up the tune. Car dynoed 510rwhp and idled like garbage when Ed started. Then Dynoed 525rwhp when he was done. I didn't realize at the time the Borla was half closed for the dyno pulls.:mad: Anyway the car idles and drives great now. More times to come with sticky tires...adding torque arm and torque arm relocation trans crossmember.

Coach 02 A3 Z/28
09-15-2008, 07:03 PM
Very nice,. Big time congrats.


09-15-2008, 07:46 PM
Thanks Coach,
I got the new torque arm in so we'll see if I can run some better numbers this weekend.