View Full Version : Hit up the 1/8 mile tonight

09-20-2008, 02:07 AM
I hadn't made any passes in the car since May, I was due for a night out. I'm getting ready to put a plate kit on it, so 1 last time n/a, just for kicks. :D

Loaded up a few things & drove 90 miles to the track. Horrible turnout, the midnight drags actually ended up getting canceled, no worry, just wanted a few runs.

Even with the crazy high humidity the DA was pretty good all night (1200-1300) & the track hooked nicely.

Made 4 full passes & 1 aborted run.

Here they are, in order of when I ran them.

60'=1.59, 1/8=7.34 @ 93.17
60'=1.61, 1/8=7.39 @ 92.86
60'=1.78, (Peddled it a few times & gave up, ran 11 something & hotlapped it straight to the burnout box.)
60'=1.58, 1/8=7.31 @93.56
60'=1.59, 1/8=7.32 @ 93.57

No personal bests, but it was fun, they had a 6 car 10.5 shootout that was entertaining to watch too.

Next time, 1/4 mile, with a bottle. :chug: