View Full Version : Stock LS7 springs,retainers, and locks on stock LS6 heads?

09-23-2008, 12:15 AM
Hopefully this is the right forum to ask this question. I'm wanting to upgrade my valvetrain on my Monte SS with a 5.3L LS4 engine. I've already got trickflow chromemoly pushrods and summit 1.8 roller rockers I'm wanting to do a spring upgrade. The factory heads on my car are cast no. 243 LS6 heads. They've got LS1 springs on it. A lot of people just replace these springs with LS6 springs. But I can get a killer deal on LS7 springs,locks, and retainers. Will they be a direct fit? I don't know the spring rates, installed height, ect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please pm me if possible.