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T56 downshift problem. PLEASE HELP

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Default T56 downshift problem. PLEASE HELP

Recently purchased a t56 with 11,000 miles. Everything works perfect accept when I downshift from 3rd to 2nd it wont go into gear ad you slam it. Going 1st to 2nd it works perfect. Does anyone have any idea?
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Mine had the same problem, downshifting into 2nd just wouldn't work. On teardown we found the blocker assembly was shot.
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yeah i had the same issue. then i replaced the blockers and the synchros. it did fix the "hard to downshift". might be some thing to do with the master cylinder if your down shifting and trying to get the RPMs way up tho. i had orginally replaced my master and slave thinking it was a pressure problem, but it did not fix "the hard to get into gear". replacing the synchros and blocker rings was fairly cheap and did fix my trans problem.
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