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Default PPG sequential gear box conversion for T56!

PPG is a well known Australian manufacturer and makes aftermarket race quality gear sets/internals for a multitude of transmissions and racing manufacturers (ProDrive, Skyline GTR, Australian Supercar series, European AWD rally cars, Gallardo parts etc). Everyone knows a sequential transmission shaves seconds off of lap times, provides repeatable fast shifting, and being a dog box more or less has the potential for lower internal carnage due to better designed heavy duty components (no more synchros).

PPG has released a sequential gearbox setup based off the production T56/TR6060 cases which has been around for some time but they had them mainly for Corvettes which were in the mid $20K range.... they now offer them for the standard in-line style transmissions that are placed right behind the engine just like in the FBody/GTO and 99% of the LSx engine swaps out there. They can also be put behind any engine that will accept a T56 style transmission (ie rotary, Ford, Mopar etc). It is designed to use your existing clutch/flywheel and driveshaft/transmission mounts, saving on unnecessary additional expenses typically associated with a high end transmission offering.

The basics are this. A production T56/TR6060/T56 Magnum bare midplate/case/tailhousing is used and a PPG reseller provides the built transmission with PPG internals. Rated at 1000hp+ with current ratios of 2.437 / 1.611 / 1.228 / 1.000 / 0.875 / 0.777. Other gear ratios will be available once demand calls for it. While certainly not for everyone they offer durability, lightning fast shifting, no missed shifts, full throttle upshift and auto blip of the downshifts (using DBW throttlebodies). You start out by using the clutch to get things going and then it goes sequential style. The gears are billet heat treated Helical cut which is a 12* angle and doesn't whine as bad as straight cut gear sets. Also takes less engagement effort. The PPG rep I spoke with mentioned they had no failures to date running T56 style setups in under 1000hp applications. These gear sets are also used in 7 second turbo Vipers.

Overview from their website:

I hope to try to test one out in my car here in the future. The MSRP target price is $16-16.5K USD for the internals, sequential shifter, and other related items. This does not include assembly and the BH/mid plate/case/tailhousing. It certainly costs more than a production transmission... but then again when lap times count or those last tenths at the strip are sought after... this is another key component to get consistency and put the pieces of the puzzle together with having a fast car. It is fully streetable and definitely designed with track use in mind.

Currently it is setup with a stick that is pulled (upshift) or pushed (downshift) and next year a paddle shifter setup will be available.

On a side note:
EMCO sequential transmissions are $25K+ and are problematic with breakage issues. Plus 50% more expensive. 600hp or so seems to be the reliable limit.
Quaiffe offers a sequential gear box with limited support and weak components. Don't hear of many behind V8's being reliable.
Hollinger costs more than the EMCO.... Closer to $30K.

This isn't for everyone... but it at least something to learn about as another option for the higher end builds.

I'll report more when I have more info. Man would I love one in my LS7 RX-7. I could shave probably 1-2 tenths of a second per shift which on tracks around me would amount to a couple seconds.

Teaser video:
'93 RX7/LS7/T56 Magnum/Ohlins/HolleyHP/DavisTechTC/2800lbs 10.32@137mph w/ cats! 165mph@Shift Sector 1/2 mile
441ci AllPro headed solid roller in the worx....
'93 RX7/88mm turbo LS9/T56 Magnum/solid 8.8" 2900lbs 1050rwhp@14psi 9.94@149mph on 8psi e85 (750rwhp) 197mph lack of traction 1/2 mile
196mph TX Mile FD RX-7 440ci n/a setup

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I'd love to have one of those in my vette for road racing!
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You forgot about Weismann. What is your opinion on their units? They said they can make 6-7 or 8 speed sequentials. How do they stack up against the others in terms of strength ect and price.
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Did you guys see this at PRI last weekend? Q1 2014 some lucky racers will be running them......
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Pretty awesome.....still out of my budget !
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Old 12-20-2013, 05:05 PM
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